The new kid in town



No I am not talking about me. Thats what BBC is calling Zealandia, the newest Continent introduced to the world a month ago.


When Dr Park mentioned Zealandia last Sunday, my eyes lit up and my affection towards New Zealand grew bigger again. After all, New Zealand has been my adopted country for more than twenty years. Ever since Dr Park opened my eyes to New Zealand as I had never seen before, in a EBS programme 세계테마기행  뉴질랜드, NZ became a loveable object not the usual boring-old-hubby-like I used to call it. (No offence to those old-hubbies!) 


As much as I was interested in - what we are, what we are made of, where we come from, how the universe works etc. - my effort to understand it stopped at turning on some cool BBC science documentaries or related Youtube clips etc. And thats usually on a lazy Sunday afternoon or on a non-eventful weekend half lying down on a comfy lounge with something to munch about in my hand. 

This ... has changed somehow. I now have a pen and paper in my hand while watching video clips. I started to memorise things. I am trying to train my body so that I could use it better. Science was an entertainment, and still is to me. The difference is, my entertainment now seems to have a purpose and direction.


A thought while searching on the web about the Zealandia, 


  'Could there be more undiscovered land masses or continents out there hidden from us?'


I cant answer this of course. But I can say this with certainty. Scientists wouldnt know it until ... they come to know it. (Perhaps they have already concluded that there is no more continent I dont know.) 

The new kid in town turned out to be not so new one after all. It has been there all this time. We just didnt know it was there. I find this somewhat comforting.  






 Mount Cook, the highest peak of New Zealand and Zealandia 

BBC News